Composing & Momentum in Europe



1) For next weeks premieres I have a little bit of Belgian press! Next week on Tuesday and Friday (April 25th & 28th) – a two evening, two city premiere of my work ‘The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life’, will be performed by one of Belgium’s leading ensembles, deCompagnie, lead by pianist/composer Mathias Coppens. These two evenings are a part of the project ‘Mirrors’, putting composer and video artists together to create a work of sound and visuals. At the rehearsals last week I got a taste of what will come, and it will definitely be a fantastic show. Here’s some more info & a link to reserve. Or, check it out via this nifty calendar widget:

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One day earlier, on Monday April 24th, I am hosting the April edition of the Antwerp Concert Series ‘this is not a concert hall’, started by my colleague Michaël Dennis. This edition features works by myself – namely the premiere of ‘Flooded Spring’ for solo guitar, performed by Bart Venken (FAGQ), and the first movement of my violin suite. I have also programmed works from my Bosnian colleague David Mastikosa whom I met last summer. Four of his works will have their Belgian premieres: Error #1, #2, Counterpoint Moderne, and Memories ’92, you can hear some here:


Thanks to the Nova Scotia Talent Trust who is supporting me in an incredible residency this summer! I will be in Crete from June 30th – July 9th as part of the ‘Journeying For the Performer’ residency. It is a collaboration of dance, music, and art in the form of an immersive performance. The whole experience will be filmed by Laurence Ellis (GQ,T-Magazine, W-Magazine). It is not much of a vacation as we begin work as soon as we arrive, it will however be my first time in a ‘warm’ country.  Even more lovely is the beautiful village of Panormo, located directly on the sea, where we are working!

Thanks to the NSTT for their support of the arts and young creators!