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CONTR (A / O) VERS (E / U) S

“Woven into the fabric of human nature is our endless pursuit of certainty. In search for understanding, we pack ourselves into neat little boxes, each with a label to guide us towards what we come to understand as our ‘true self’. Humans find comfort in structure, yet structure confines and imprisons. It fails to capture the complexity of the human spirit, which blossoms in intricate colours as we let go of the blinding limitations we place upon this world. Led by their insatiable curiosity about the human perception of the world, dancer/performer Lore Borremans and composer Adam Vincent Clarke embark on their own quest for freedom. Their piece ‘contr (a/o) vers (e/u) s’ is an intimate bodily and audiovisual meditation on human nature, a delicate yet blunt dance on the borderlines of identity. In their radical symphony of movement and sound, Lore and Adam delve beyond the façade of singular labels to show that what lurks underneath is more than meets the eye.”
Silvija Daniunaite (Subbacultcha Magazine)

Concept, Creation, & Direction: Lore Borremans
Concept, Creation, & Musical Score: Adam Vincent Clarke
Light Design: Matti Degueldre
Costume Design: Mink Laksanaporn Chonsanmoe (version 1), Nadav Perlman
Camera & Montage: Laurens Van der Veken
Special Thanks: Troubleyn/Laboratorium, Laura Walravens, Bart Boodts, Koen Quintyn, Mikko Pablo, Jeonghee Hwang, Subbacultcha Belgium