Fishing Food– Fishing water– Fishing stone– Fishing stomach–

Fishing Feel–   Fishing Flow–   Fishing Family–   Fishing house–
Fishing home– Fishing Friend– Fishing trip– Fishing Fit–Fishing
hit– Fishing me– Fishing club– Fishing touch– Fishing lover–
Fishing rough–   Fishing rod–   Fishing thick–   Fishing tough–
Fishing selF–   Fishing taught–    Fishing think–   Fishing tank–
Fishing Filter– Fishing hit– Fishing you– Fishing again– F***ing
up–  F***ing Fishing–  F***ing body–  F***ing give–  F***ing
head–  F***ing Fill–  F***ing out–   F***ing screen–   F***ing
Does–  F***ing not– F***ing work– F***ing scream– F***ing
stop–  F***ing slip–  F***ing knot–  F***ing please–  F***ing
sexy– F***ing Fish– F***ing just– F***ing move– F***ing do–
F***ing Forget– F***ing ever– F***ing aFter– F***ing happy–
F***ing over– F***ing always– F***ing for– F***ing survival–
F***ing it– now–over– Fishing– F***ing hooked.


Performance and concept: Mery Coopman
Musical accompaniment and composition: Adam V. Clarke

Special thanks to Maarten Van den Bussche

Duration: 10 minutes