Âmok/Âmok Company & Het Incident


A creation of Adam Vincent Clarke for Âmok/Âmok company & Het Incident.
Mladost // creation 2020 // Âmok/Âmok
Spoken Performance / Vigdis Hansa Elst
Mezzo-Soprano / Maria Eichler


– – – – – – – – – – –


In the night, not quite the middle and somewhat closer to dawn. I awoke. I awoke from a memory, one thought lost in the fluttering echo of my mind. Still tethered to that faint taste of a dream, with last night’s wine plastered to tongue and mouth. I stirred. Pulling my body from the grips of exhaustion I’d felt the last days I clambered off the couch, which served as my bed, pouring myself a last drop of yesterday’s stale coffee. It tasted like shit, but I didn’t mind. For what it’s worth, it was the most honest drink a man could have. But you see, I wasn’t an honest man – at least not then.

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