Prélude for Violin and Piano was composed for Belgian violinist Nicolas Dupont, and Russian pianist Olga Kirpicheva in Autumn 2020. This performance was recorded in the Concert Hall of the Koninklijjk Conservatorium Brussel in February, 2021.

“A little while back I had the pleasure to compose a prélude for Olga Kirpicheva (RU) and Nicolas Dupont (BE). Since a child I have been very passionate about folk music – my first instrument was the bagpipes after all. Over the past year, I have been listening quite obsessively to a form of Mongolian music known as Tuvan throat singing. There are a few different sounds in that style that I thought was reminiscent of a bowed instrument particularly in how it is bowed. If you listen to the melody around 2:05, the sul ponticello (on the bridge) vs. sul tasto (on the fingerboard) bowing combined with the occasional ‘dissonances’ and not to mention Nicolas’ wonderful interpretation, was reminiscent of that to me. Those nuances and the chance to write something ‘beautiful’, and for such players was an absolute joy and a treat for this year.
My thanks to Nicolas and Olga for bringing this piece to life.”