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Study II – for Shane Urton’s ‘Sweetspot’


Study II for Shane Urton’s dance-theatre work, Sweetspot was composed in Summer 2023 in Antwerpen, Belgium. This work was premiered on November 16th, 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah and was performed pianist Olena Mozil, and dancers of Repertory Dance Theatre Utah – Caleb Daly, Trung “Daniel” Do, Jonathan Kim, Megan O’Brien, Ursula Perry and Caitlyn Richter.

Duration ca. 15′

Photo: Stuart Ruckman

“Shane Urton’s Sweetspot was a brilliant organic study of sweet spots in dance movement that grew in metaphorical complexity, along with dazzling lighting design executed by Pilar I. and an impressive solo piano score by Adam Vincent Clarke and performed and recorded by Olena Mozil.”

“The lighting design beautifully paralleled Clarke’s excellent score, marking how discrete phrases of music appear and eventually form a melodic line, in the first section. As manifested in the lighting, the music accelerates to its most intense drive in the middle section before losing its momentum in the closing section, while calls for a response or affirmation are left unanswered, as they fade into silence.”

The Utah Review, Les Roka